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Internet Jargon

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A type of algorithm used in 3-D graphics, known as a VSD algorithm.


z-index is a CSS property that specifies the stack order of an element.


Zero Bug Release, is the point in the software development at which all features are correctly implemented and have no bugs logged against them.


A unit of data storage of exactly 2 to the power 70 bytes.


A unit of data storage of approximately 2 to the power 70 bytes.


Zero Insertion Force, is a type of CPU socket on a computer motherboard that allows for the simple replacement or upgrade of the processor.


ZigBee is a global wireless mesh networking technology based on the IEEE 802.15.4-2003 standard.


Zone Information Protocol. A session-layer protocol used by AppleTalk to map network numbers to zone names.


Zero Knowledge Proof.


Zero-Latency Enterprise, is any strategy that exploits the immediate exchange of information across technical and organizational boundaries to achieve business benefit.


A file transfer protocol for modems that send data from an Internet host to a PC.


(1) A computer that has been implanted with a daemon that puts it under the control of a malicious hacker without the knowledge of the computer owner. Zombies are used by malicious hackers to launch DoS attacks.
Zombies are also referred to as zombie ants.

(2) In UNIX operating systems, a zombie is a "child" program that was started by a "parent" program but then abandoned by the parent.


A logical grouping of network devices in AppleTalk.

Zone File

A zone file is a text based file with a format defined in RFC 1035 and 1034 and is stored on a DNS server.


Zoning is a fabric-based service in a SAN that groups together hosts and storage nodes that require communication.


Zero Trust Architecture.

ZV Port

Zoomed Video PORT, a port that enables data to be transferred directly from a PC Card to a VGA controller. The port is actually a connection to a zoomed video bus.